I could really use a map, but then again that would be no use. I'm terrible at reading maps.Mature

Me and jason had slowy got to know each other more. For the first few weeks we hardly talked, just basic stuff. The quick 'hi' a 'How are you' every now and again. Small talk, nothing more. But one day I was exploring the garden when I saw someone Kneeled down and doing what looked like digging, as got closer I relised that it was jason! Slowly I walked up to him, I was worried but for some reason my legs kept walking. "Hi" I said carfuly. "Oh! Hey there" Said jason with a smile "What are you doing?" I asked, even though I knew exactly what he was doing. "I'm just gardening. Theres loads of seeds and tools in the shed" He said pointing to a nice looking shed. "I gardened alot back home so I wanted to do some here to..." He trailed off. He looked very upset so I sat down next to him and placed my arm around him. "I'm scared of going home. Going home and everything will be gone. I will come home to a pile of ash." I stared at him with a loving look, I placed my arm tighter around him. He moved into my arms. As he did a chill ran down my spin, it was good though. "This whole thing has got me terrifred. My best friend could be dead right now, and I have no clue, all I want is too go home and know that it will always be the way it is. I miss it!" He began to cry, he cried into me. I hugged him tightly. Rested my head on his. But I had no Idea what to say, all that he said was true. I was scared of that to. After he had, had a good cry he looked up at me. "Thanks Sarah, I needed someone there for me" I looked into his eyes " Its okay, I'm just glad I was here for you" We talked the rest of the afternoon, we talked about our school back home. Our friends, what we did. Things that we missed. And things we were glad to get away from. After a while of chatting he looked up and said "I need to go to loo, lets go back in" "yeah okay, it's getting late anyway" I sighed. So we made our way in. After abit of walking he turn off and pointed "I'm off to the loo's" He said  "Kay, well I'm gunna go to the libary. There's a book I really love there! See you later?" I smiled "Yeah, deffinatly" he grinned then turned and walked away. I hugged myself with joy as I made my way to the libray. The house was huge and it took me twenty minutes to find the libary. Clever me. I could really use a map. But then again I'm terrible at reading maps, and i'd probaly get more lost. After a bit of wondering around I found it. The libary was a big room, like the rest of the house it was musem like. Big and wooden, the shelves were smooth and wide holding a whole world inside of them. There was somtimes an old woman inside, sorting books cleaning. Nothing that really sparked much of a convosation interest, but she knew alot about good books to read! All I needed to like somone, besides I'm a bit of an outcast here. If no one likes me aleast the printed and leather backed friends will be here! "Hello, Sarah looking for this?" The old woman smiled holding a copy of great expectaions, all of the books in the libary were old ones, everything written atleast ten years ago. "Yes, thankyou" I said taking the book and handing her a small bit of yellow paper, she stamped it. And handed it back, I contemplated staying and reading in here but I wanted to be around people. So I made my way out, giving a wave to old woman and leaving. As I walked out it hit me, I didn't know her name!

The End

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