If lie's were the truthMature

Young Sarah is sent to a contry mannor house as the 2nd World War has begun. She soon makes friends with a girl called Daisy, and also sets her sights on a young boy named Chris. But does this old house hold more in it history than it seems? And when Daisy is sent home things really start to get turned upside down .

I pressed myself to the wall, and sucked in my stomach. I hoped my white dress would give me more camouflage up against the white wash wall but it was covered in dirt and grass stains, so no help there. I heard one of them step into the room, His heart beats loud in my ears. I could feel his intentions to me, Daisy has already been taken and the way she was found made me quake. If I were found I too would be turned into a sex slave. I was still a virgin I couldn't let them at me. I wouldn't be able to live through that sort of thing. I would die, what about Chris. He still hated me. I had to get out of this. For him.

This all must be very confusing, so I will tell you how this all happened...

Trees, sheep, field. Then same things over and over again. Country life will be fun mum had said. Pfft. I've only been on the train an hour and I'm bored stiff. My names Sarah I'm fifteen years old and the Second World War has just begun. So I'm being evacuated to a large country manor house along with twelve other kids. I don't know anyone and no one knows me, I feel like it's my first day of school.
"Elment road, 7th stop" The train driver crackled through the speakers. I looked at the slip of wrinkled up paper I had been given ‘Elment manor, 7th stop. Wait at the station for the head maid of the manor to pick you up.' It stated, the crinkly bit of paper made me think of the head maid, I expected her be extremely old with grey hair and thick glasses. I was soon proven wrong! For at the station was a young Woman with sleek blond hair tied back into a bun, she was all neat and strait. She wore a tight black dress that hugged her perfect figure and large bust. I was slightly jealous, she was so perfect and she acted like it was normal to be like that. Her makeup was done to perfection, red lipstick pale smooth skin and sharp blue eyes that looked right through everyone, when she looked at me I wondered if she could see with in me, my deepest secrets were all on display for her to flick and scan through. She spoke to me like I was a book too "Why is there always one who has to arrive later then the rest?!" She had such a smooth seductive voice that flowed over her tongue like a river. I opened my mouth to apologise, but she was already barking orders at me. "Now, we are going to get in the to car .And we drive up to Elment house, It a very old house. Plenty of things to explore. That will be fun for you won't it... WON'T IT!" She hissed her powerful voice ringing through the air. "Huh?!' I stuttered, slapped out of my daze. I was still observing her, that's what I did. I would spend a long time analyzing people, there features, eyes, clothes, how they walked. I was then told to sit in a smooth shiny black car, the perfection of it reminded me of her, and I wondered if it was her car. "If I may, can I ask for your name?" I breathed gingerly. She forced a small smile and gently said "Miss Ivlson" "Don't you have a first name?" I asked. She threw a look at me like I just asked her to sleep with me. I quickly tried to patch it up "It's just that, my dad always told me to call people by there first name. When you know them or are going to be with them a lot and I just thought since I'm going to be here for a long time I might just, well." I trailed off her stunning face left me with no words. She turned back to the front of the car " Miss, Ivlson".


The End

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