Them being the family ,the clan with whome full attention is drawn to the life sapping technic they use on us,me.a wife that is petit in appearance but with the needs of a metropolis ,pleasing to the eyes but hurtful to the stream of energy that flows through my viens,each sentence that entrails from that slender parting mouth used to twist my thoughts ,our thoughts,to her wanting ways.I would take most of the mind numbing abuse which is directed in my direction if only to please my own needs for a easy life , but sex why oh why does she throw tantrums when she needs her carnel desires to be fulfilled ,it makes me sick ,when tara thats the significant others name ,wants to lay there and let me do all the work which quite frankly bores the hell out of us,me.some times i imagine biting deep within her throat tasting her life her annoyance to my kingdom fade to nothing, her last breath warmly sweep my hair across my face to hide me from the act with which i have just commited , helping the laughter of relishing relief blockade deep in the echoing chambers of my hardened fleshy frame. but  when the dream subsides she is still there facing up at us ,like she has come second in a beauty parade and im on the podium, if only she know we faked it just to get off the fairground ride from hell.  

The End

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