Chapter 2


Chapter two

After year 5, Tom became quite insignificant and I can't remember any time talking to him, or him to me. So if I fast forward two years, it brings me to year 7, by this time I had obtained some friends, well I lost one and then gained one, so I still had one. Her name was Annie, she wore glasses and had head lice but was probably the nicest girl in my school, and she was sincere and honest about everything. I regret not keeping into contain with her. Anyway, at the time she had a crush on Matthew Stevens - who was a popular boy within my class. We talked a lot, and he told us most of the gossip that went around our school.

He told us of a rumour, that Tom "fancied" a girl in our year and our class named Vicky Ryan. I knew of her more than Tom, she was very popular and it made sense that he would take a liking to her. She had short brunette hair and was sporty; Tom, I remember at the time was rugby, football and cricket sports captain. It made sense that they would be drawn to each other, and soon after finding out the rumour they were in a relationship. I heard from Matthew that Tom was shy, which was the reason they broke up not long after.

The day that Vicky broke up with Tom, he punched a hole in the wall of the corridor. My first real negative opinion of him was then formed. I thought him to be so dramatic and unnecessary and soon, any time I saw him he played up to my description. I knew him to be boisterous because of the sports he played. But Tom was soon forgotten by me, I rarely thought of him at all, much too interested in playing match maker for Annie and Matthew. Unfortunately I am as bad at other people's relationship as my own.

The End

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