If i wore my trousers,

More of a poem. Wrote it on the bus.
Not exactly the best.

If i wore my trousers today, i wouldnt have got a hole in my leggings.

I wouldnt have had to sit at the bus stop like some weirdo and take them off so i wouldn't get even weirder looks from prying eyes.

If i wore my trousers today, i wouldn't have had to go to the toilets to make sure the ladder in my tights wasn't so obvious.

I wouldn't have missed the bus and decided to meet my mummy.

If i wore trousers today i might not have decided to have dinner with her, i could have gone somewhere else.

Which means that if i wore my trousers i wouldn't have walked past you, our eyes wouldn't have met and you would never have recognised me.

I wouldn't have watched you get into your car, your ears yearning to hear my voice.

I wouldn't have had to watch you drive off, our eyes meeting once more in a gut wrenching, heart breaking and fate deciding glance.

The End

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