If I were a love poet.

If I were a love poet...but I'm not :P

If I were a love poet,

I would be so scared. That’s why I’m not.

But I’d tell you how much I fell for you,

Without training wheels.

It’d be about the first time I fell in love with you,

Devoid of reason or purpose.

I’d have scabs on my knees

And I’d try to pick them off

And we’d sit and eat glue

And colour with crayon

And have paint all over our faces

Red paint. Like your favourite.



I’m not much of a love poet,

But if I was,

I’d write about the water and your reflection.

You see,

I’ve written a million poems,

Hoping that out of all of them

There you’ll be, and you’ll pop out

And I’ll have a perfect essence of your being


I’d write about how I melt in front of you

Like an icecream cone on a hot day,

And if you were here right now,

I’d massage your back until your skin spoke words

And your heartbeat,

Your heartbeat would sound like my last name.

And I’d smile.


But I’m not much of a love poet.

The End

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