If I had only imagined it that way

from Oct 2008 and I also found this, which seems apt: http://bit.ly/PKfml8

It was late at night and there were loud sounds coming from far away, echoing in between rows and rows of buildings. Even to the ear of a common city-dweller, one could not tell if someone was throwing furniture from a fiftieth-floor apartment or if there was a war with cannons raging nearby. Or, perhaps, a garbage truck making its rounds.

I climbed out of bed, and it was cold, so I grabbed my jacket (mommy, you would be proud) and I was only in my pajamas with the stars and moons all over, my blue slippers, and everybody was asleep I think. Even the man at the desk was as I walked out of the building. Lights were on, but nobody moved.

I was not scared but it was very dark. I followed the sounds, getting louder as I got closer. I hardly knew where I was but the buildings were tall and the streets I walked on were neither narrow nor fat, just very empty. If I whispered, I think the whole city might have heard. I felt like I had to hold my breath but when I tried, it started to hurt, so I decided that I just had to breathe very quietly.

When you are alone but not scared, everything is fascinating. I don’t know if I was happy or not at that point, but I know I was smiling because your mouth hurts after you smile for so long. At first, I kept looking up into all the buildings, but I felt bad if I saw someone and someone didn’t know I was watching. It’s unfair when they don’t even have a chance to say hello, so I stopped looking at the buildings.

I was never nervous because I knew I heard those sounds and those noises and that I wouldn’t get cold with my jacket, and anyway, there was no one, no one around at all.

I walked for a long while, but if everything is so new, nothing feels like a very long time. In this small clearing in between all these offices and apartments, there I saw a small dinosaur looking very cheerful and eating cars in a junkyard. The dinosaur was brown with an orange belly and he looked like he was trying very hard to be very careful even though he was also very loud. His teeth were white and his tongue was pink. He was maybe two or three stories tall. Every so often, he would find a car not to his liking and throw it back into the pile (crash, crash!). Sometimes he would step on things too. But he was very, very happy. I could not be afraid of him.

He smiled at me as he gnawed on the gummy exterior of a tire

and feeling rather satisfied, I walked back home, taking the same steps back as I took to get there, even though I did not remember the way.

And the man at the desk was still sleeping when I walked past his desk and up the elevator and back home and in my room and in bed and I was very, very happy.

The End

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