Chapter One: Make a Naked Snow Angel

The December chill settled in on my spine as I stood on the porch of my friend's house. Ri lived miles outside of town and was standing in the window, looking at me like I had lost my mind. Maybe I had. There was a mug of coffee in her hand and its steam made the window fog up.  

I wrapped my arms around me, try to remember exactly why this particular item had made my list. It seemed crazy and adventurous at the time, now it just seemed like a good way to lose a few key body parts. My breath rose like puff of smoke from a locomotive and I began to shiver. I still had my hair then, long and black, but it didn't prove much to keep me warm. It was times like that when I wondered what our ancestors had done to lose their fur. Just about every other creature in the world had some sort of protective covering. And what did we get? Small bits of hair in a few places that couldn't warm an icicle. Great. 

I looked back over my shoulder at Ri, who was busy trying to open the window. I laughed a little bit at her overly dramatic efforts. The girl was one of the strongest people I knew, and also one of the biggest goof balls. She never did miss an opportunity to put on a show for me. They said that laughter was going to be important in my final days. I suppose Ri truly took that to heart. Either way, she knew her job and was good at it.  

"Jess..." she said half leaning out of the window. “Are you sure you want to do this? It's freezing cold out there and my parents are going to be home any minute!" I didn't need her to remind me. I was losing my nerve rather quickly. 

While the naked snow angel wasn't the first item on my list, it certainly seemed to be the easiest to achieve. All I needed was some snow and a smidge of privacy. I had both right in front of me. 

 A grin spread over my face. "Yea, I'm doing this." I dropped my arms from my sides and took a few tentative steps towards the stairs that led from the porch. As I stepped off, the snow crunched beneath my bare foot and sent more than a few chills up my spine. It was like stepping on a frozen Lego. And if you think that's fun, let me be the first to tell you that it's not.  

I squealed in pain and cold and ran out to the center of the yard, hoping the rest of the snow would be a little softer than the ice sheer I had stepped on. 

'No turning back.' I reminded myself and I flopped down in the powder. As I looked up at the sky and spread my preverbal wings, the cold and wet seemed to fade away. While I was fairly certain that I was going to develop hypothermia in the process, I couldn't help but stare up into the pale blue sky. I had never seen something so utterly peaceful. 

There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun has since sunk behind the tree enough where I wasn't blinded. It was utterly endless and it made my breath catch in my throat. I was an angel, fallen from the clear blue sky, lying naked upon the earth. 



Watch the Titanic
Make Someone's Day
Volunteer for a Day
Save Someone's Life
Ride an Elephant
Ride into the Sunset With Someone Special
Learn to Bake Cookies
Learn a Foreign Language
Drive a Boat
Get Drunk
Watch a Sunrise with a Cup of Coffee
Go on a Blind Date
Make a Naked Snow Angel
Swim With Sharks
Chase a Tornado
Leave a Legacy


The End

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