The Fate of the DressMature

Chapter IV:  The Fate of the Dress


I sighed in frustration as the sleeve of my dress snagged on yetanotherstray twig.  Muttering to myself, I fought the fabric free of the branch, tearing a small hole in the process. 

            “Having fun back there?” 

            I rolled my eyes before I turned to face the Angel.  “Yes, actually.  I rather enjoy having to fight nature over my clothes.”

            He chuckled.  “Here,” he said.  The Angel bent down behind a bush and retrieved a small bundle of fabric.  “These may better suit you.”  He passed the new clothes to me, a small smirk playing on his lips.

            I took them graciously.  On closer examination of the clothes, I found them to be a white t-shirt, straight-leg blue denim jeans, and brown combat boots. I glanced up to see that the Angel was still staring at me.  “Well, turn around!”

            His smirk turned into a full-blown grin as he turned and walked a few paces away.  For safe measure, I strode behind a large tree.  I set the new clothing on one of its roots before trying to escape from the dress.  I couldn’t find a zipper or a tie anywhere and the garment was too tight-fitting for me to slide out of it.  I could have tried to tear it, but a part of me didn’t want to damage this ethereal dress. 

            “Um… Angel?  How exactly do I get out of this?”

            Suddenly, he was there behind me, his fingers brushing my golden hair off my neck, and his voice whispering softly in my ear:  “You think too much, darling.”  With gentle fingers, he pulled a silk ribbon near the nape of my neck which somehow caused the other ribbons binding the back of the dress to loosen.  My hands flew to the top of the dress in order to prevent it from falling off my body completely.  I could feel the forest air nip at my exposed back.

            “Thanks,” I breathed.

            But the Angel had already left. 

            Shaking my head to clear the sudden dizziness out, I quickly changed. What was that? Did I have a crush on anAngel? He was dead!  And I was too… wasn’t I?

            Deciding that those kinds of feelings were far too complicated to entertain right now, I quickly changed and joined Angel on the forest path. 

            “I’ll take that,” he said, holding his arms open for the dress.  I handed it to him, studiously avoiding his eyes.  Slowly, he began folding it until it no longer looked like a dress.  He held it up for my inspection.  Somehow, he had transformed the dress into a white leather jacket. 

            I raised my eyebrows.  “Impressive.”  He tossed it in my direction and I snatched it out of the air. 

            “You’ll want to hang onto that,” he said.  “Nights can get pretty chilly here.”

            “So… you can just change this,” I shook the jacket, “into any piece of clothing?”

            “Not just me, love.  You can change it, too.”

            I stared at the jacket.  “How?” I asked.

            He sighed.  “You have lots of questions don’t you?”

            I smiled at him.  “Mm-hm.”

            He walked over to me and placed his hands on the jacket.  “This fabric holds the ability to change, to be molded.  Once you focus your mind, you’ll be able to transform it into anything that suits your needs.  Quite useful.”

            I opened my mouth to speak, but Angel cut me off.  “You have lots of questions, I know.  But let’s continue on our way and I’ll answer them as best I can.”

The End

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