A Void and a VoiceMature

Chapter I:  A Void and a Voice


What lies after Death?  Our bodies decay but what about… us?  Our soul, spirit, whatever you want to call it?  As a child, they told me in Sunday school that my spirit would go to Heaven to live with Jesus in His kingdom.  Back when I loved Him.  Before I messed everything up.

            Is that what Death feels like?  This… floating?  Some part of me was conscious but I felt somehow… disconnected.  I couldn’t feel anything; I tried to open my eyes but there was nothing.  Not like a pressure preventing my eyelids from opening, but as though I had never had eyes in the first place. 

            No eyes.  But then how could I see?

            There was white; all around me.  A soft, glowing light that encompassed my body.  There were no shadows, no reflections, no sound.  Just me… and this void of white.


            I would have thought sound would carry easily in silence, but I was wrong.  I had heard that whisper, a soft breath from lips that caressed my name. 


           Who is that? I wanted to say, but I could not locate my mouth and so no words passed from it. Who are you?

            You know who I am.  You did once. 

            Am I… am I dead?

            Perhaps.  It is your choice, Seattle.  You took your life into your own hands and you hid from me.  But you could never hide; I am always with you.  I have great plans for you Seattle, but you must be alive to fulfill them.  I love you so much; this is not the end I wanted for you.

           Impossible.  Lord?

            I will not take away your will.  But I hope that in the end, you choose my path.  It will not be easy, but I guarantee the reward will be greater than you will ever know.  Arise, my child, and awake.

The End

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