I Would've Done Anything...(continued)

Blacker? Evil? One day, I went to the pen where we keep him. There, he sat, with a cold, proud beauty. He didn't attack, no, he just sat there. And it was heartbreaking.

"Blacker" I said aloud, as I often do to my chickens. He sat there. "Blacker, I forgive you. You hurt Oreo, but did you really do it because you are evil? It was long ago, and you are my family. I forgive you!" He then stood up, and as if understanding what I had just said, he crowed a long, happy crow.

I was happy too, but the next day when my mother picked me up from school, she told me that Blacker... was gone! She had given him to a friend of her's, who wanted a rooster. I didn't know whether to cry for his loss or be happy because he was gone. I didn't cry, nor did I show much happiness. Had he been cured? I would never know.

The next day, I went to the normal chicken coop where we keep all our hens. I carried a big bucket to collect eggs. I went in and started to take them out of the laying box. Then I realised all the chickens were crowding around me. I looked at their feed bin, which was empty.

So, I went out to the big blue barrel in the middle of their coop yard. There was not all that much feed in it, so I tipped it over to get inside. I started to crawl in, when I felt a sharp sting and great pain on my backside.

I jumped out, and there was Oreo. He stood in the dance, the one I knew all too well. He was hungry, I knew, so maybe this was a justifiable answer. Maybe? He charged. I planted a good kick- a steel toed kick- on his chest, but he tried to hang on to my shoe.

Many many times this happened, until I was able to get to the door. During that time, I also got a large beak peck on my leg. I cried, in shock, pain and fear, until I got to the house. The scratch on my backside was a large claw scratch, long but not deep. The peck on my leg was small, but deep and bleeding terribly.

Later, I went back there. My mother kept him away from me, but still I was scared. He had been acting weird for a while. Like a kid in a school- if he gets bullied, he might become a bully. And now my sweet pea was a bully. My good boy.

I cried all night, barely sleeping. I wish my mother hadn't given away Blacker, that Oreo had attacked me before so she would have given him away. Not Blacker, the one that really, might be healed. I'll never forgive myself for what Blacker did to Oreo, as well, for it meant that Oreo became evil.

But, some things, we can't change.

The End

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