If I could change one thing about myself

Me admitting my flaws and the negatives i can say about myself.

Everyone has different traits to their personalities. And everyone has one thing that they want change about them selves. Most of us don't want to admit these flaws because some teens are perceived to be prefect, however their not, those are usually the ones who think to highly of themselves. However, I'm not. I can easily admit my flaws and the things I want to change whether its; emotionally, physically,or mentally about myself. I have a tendency of comparing my life to others who I think have better lives than I do. Everyday my parents and friends have to tell me, stop worrying about others and only worry about yourself. I get so caught up on what this person has, or who this person talks to that I forget about all the good things that I have going in my own life. I know you might be thinking that I'm over thinking this a little  but, its my problem and i can admit that these thoughts stop me from thinking about all the things that I am capable of. So, I guess Ill end this paper with this, If I could change one thing about myself it would be to stop comparing my life to my peers, and only consider the blessings that God has put upon me. Life would be so much easier for us all if everyone was to only worry about themselves instead of being in everyone else's business 99.9 percent of their lives. 

The End

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