If he's the One, shouldn't there be a sign!

One womans' journey to shed the fears of the past and take a leap of faith with the future. Sunny Moon has had more than her fair share of temporary fillings, now she wants a permanent fixture.

When she meets brothers Gaston and Louis De Brae, she doesn't realise that there's more to them than meets the eye.

This is a journey that will lead her through the realms of myth and fantasy and propel her into a life she never thought possible

“You know you really should start to get out more Sunny, it’s been almost five years now!”

This statement came from Libby my best friend who had stuck by me through thick and thin. She was right of course, I had shut myself away from society for nearly half a decade.

“I know you mean well doll, but I figure if I don’t meet anyone, then I won’t get involved, I won’t fall in love… again… and I definitely won’t get hurt.”

“Look you can’t count going to work and walking the dog as getting out into the big wide world, I mean, it’s just not healthy.” she murmured.

“I’m out now Libs, look we’re having lunch outside in the sun, so that statement’s not entirely true,” I laughed in reply, “and you’re forgetting shopping, we shop for England!”

Libby’s expression was one of mixed amusement, tinged with a genuine sadness for all that she thought I was missing out on.

“Hmphh” was all she could manage at this juncture. I laughed lightly and promised I would make an effort. Libby brightened at this point so I knew she had something planned.

We carried on eating in that healthy place where words were not necessary for a short while. I had a lot of love and respect for Libby, she never judged just listened. I knew that she wished I was more like her and truth be told I was… once. It still amazed me how we were so different but close. Libby was the type of person who had to have a man in life, no matter what. Whereas me, I felt okay in my own company. I’m not saying that I didn’t want to meet someone… eventually, but I hated the thought of wasted time in pointless relationships that always led nowhere, nowhere that is except to my own personal heartbreak. No siree, the single life for me… for now at least.

“Anyway, Rick has a company social coming up and we thought you should come along,” Libby was racing now, “there will be lots of eligibles there, even if you only want to look at the menu.” The look on my face must have been one of shock, Libby carried on, “aaw c’mon Sunny do it for me, besides… you might even have a little fun, it’s not like you’ve got anything planned!”

“Okay, Okay, when is it and where, smart casual or gold shoe?” I asked.

“Gold shoe, hun, told you… lots of eligibles” she replied.

The social was a month away so time enough to shop for appropriate attire and sort out dog sitting. It was an overnight kind of event and I was astounded that she had already reserved a room for me. She knew me well, and I promised not to let her down. Not that she would let me.

While I was musing about the upcoming dinner/dance or whatever she had called it, I heard her whispering “wow”. Something or someone had obviously caught her eye. I let her carry on looking over my shoulder and waited until she came back down to earth. These occurrences usually took about thirty seconds of her concentration, but this one was different, whatever or whoever she had seen held her attention for a good five minutes.

I cleared my throat and asked her what she was looking at, she looked me straight in the eye, leant forward and answered, “him.” I followed her gaze and her finger as she pointed out the object of her fascination. As I was turning to look, I thought to myself, well Libby’s taste and mine are worlds apart, so whatever he looked like, he definitely wouldn’t be my type. Damn how wrong can a person be? It was like looking at a God, perfect bone structure, dark hair and eyes, the kind of man that would look good in whatever he wore and he was sitting across the piazza staring into space and every now and then talking to his companion who was just as handsome but blonde. They just looked… graceful, yes that’s the only word that could sum up their composure and posture… graceful.  And a presence that was just too irresistible to ignore.

I turned back and laughingly said to Libby, “They’ve both probably got supermodel girlfriends or wives or failing that… they are a couple”

“No way,” she answered, “definitely no wedding rings and there are only two glasses and two unopened bottles of water. She looked me in eye and winked. I looked skywards, I knew what was coming so I put a hand out to caution her. She shook my hand off as she stood up.

“Libs, please just sit back down” I pleaded. But I knew when she got that look in her eye there would be no stopping her.

Don’t get me wrong, she loved Rick to bits, but she still enjoyed the chase or “keeping my eye in” as she called it. Then she was off and I just let my face sink into my hands. What else could I do but wait… these were the times that I got exasperated with her, why couldn’t she be happy with what she had already? And that is why I elected to stay single, because I wanted to meet the one and not lots of second bests. Picky, that was what she called me, Picky and Wary… maybe I should change my name…

She wasn’t gone long and when she sat back down she was kind of shocked, I waited for her to relate her findings. I could see that something had upset her from the range of emotions that flickered across her face, it was always better with Libby to bide one’s time until she was ready to share, so I waited patiently. Finally, curiosity got the better of me.

“Libs say something, anything,” I mumbled. Libby straightened her shoulders and looked at me but straight through me at the same time.

“It was as though I wasn’t there, they both totally blanked me, I’m losing it kid!”

“You. Lose it… never! Maybe they were just too engrossed in their conversation hun.”

“No, that’s not it, whilst I was jabbering on the dark haired one never took his eyes off you! I think you should go and speak to him Sunny!”

There was no way on this earth in this lifetime that I was going to set myself up for a fall, so I just shook my head and said resoundingly, “No way”

“But Sunny, you’ve just got to, he might be the one”

“Like hell” was all I could say, I began to collect my bits and pieces and intimated that we should pay the bill and leave.

Libby collected her purse and called our waiter over asking him for the bill.

“Libs, just put it down to experience, he probably wasn’t looking my way at all, you must have been mistaken.”

As we walked towards the car park, we made plans to meet up again before the dance.

The End

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