If he's a bird, I'm a bird.Mature

Chapter One:

I sat still, staring out the opened window. I felt the warm breeze brush against my face. I felt my cheeks get hot. I saw two white pigions fly past the window. My heart melted. If he was a bird, I was a bird. I repeated that thousands of times in my head. It was the quote my mother use to tell me about my father, I had fell in love with it since then.  I turned to the front of the room. I turned my head to Mr.Chamberland whom was standing at the front of the room.

"Justine, two elements, please?" Mr.Chamberland said in a firm voice.

"Potassium and Tungsten?" I said unsure of myself. I had kept reminding myself how much I hated chemistry. Mr.Chamberland shook his head.

"Correct," My face lit up with surprise. I heard the school bell ring. I quickly gathered my Biology and Chemistry text books. After I had exited the building my cellphone had begun to ring.


"Justine Legere?" The dark voice said.

"Yeah?" I choked on the word.

"There has been an accident," The officer had said his voice trembling to spit out the words. My heart stopped. I dropped my phone, then falling to my knees. I had never imaged a world without the people I care about the most.

All I could remember the next day, was rushing through those hospital doors. I stopped when I saw my mother. Her eyes so big, her skin so pale. Everything had gone in slow motion. My whole life was on pause.  I knew she was gone. I stepped back, my hand covering my mouth. Tears streamed down my face. A nurse put her arm around me leading me out the doors. I was shaking uncontrollably.  Everything was, over.


The End

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