If he would exist...

Note: This person doesn't exist in real life. It's my own imagination =) (=
Let's say there is a new movie that earned more money than Avatar did and of course it becomes very popular. Film's title- I don't know which one to pick...
Anyway. He (can't pick him a name) plays the main character.
After this film, people start pay attention to him and he flexes his/it's muscles...


   -Long arms and long legs
   28-35 years old
  - White.     25% Greek/Italian ,25% Ingush
 -50% Slavic or British/German/Swedish or whatever.
-185cm. tall          
- The most beautiful eyes ever- DARK BROWN.
Dark brown  hair.
- Zachary Quinto ' s eyebrows
- Nice body. All body parts look nice.
-Nice butt.
- Straight back.
-Muscular body. Especially big and muscular chest.
-Muscled neck for sure but no abbs.
-Straight white teeth.

-Canadian/American citizen. Was born in US/Canada
-Single and was never married. Never had a girlfriend.
-Served in military for one year.
-Won a lottery of 50 million when he was 18.
-Graduated from college of drama.

-Has skills and knowledge in; medicine, acting, geography, fixing, building, bodybuilding, yoga and martial arts.
- Cannot be defeated in a fight. Very strong bones and joints, very fast and focused. Knows all weak points and knows lot's of tricks.
- He has his own method of being very healthy and beautiful. 
- Looks 5 years younger than his age.
- Has a plan/project to build a house in the European style.
- Loves soap making.
-Has very neat handwriting.


When he was 14, he has discovered extra sensory  abilities  inside him. Ability to heal people. For example,it will take him 1 month to regrowth one small bone inside legs . See how person's body works. Some people who were; deaf, blind, paralised-were healed by his hands. Make dead cells and small organisms alive. Help body to heal wounds much quicker. He can also make person live longer but it depends on that person's life style for sure. If he is smart enough, he can detect any health problem. I mean he has to be really good at medicine.
Sometimes he can predict the future. See positive and negative things.
In other words, he has extra  sensory abilities.
- Meet United Nations  secretary general.
-  Became enemies with; Professor of medical sciences of University of Washington, Canada's #1 Chiropractor, Justin Bieber, Jason Statham and Brad Pitt.
They all understand that he is a strong enemy and it's a bad idea to break relations with him.

His style is:  
- Light yellow shirt with white-grey cloak.
-Sexy light thin blue jeans.
-European classic shoes.
-White underpants. Like the  ones that  bodybuilders  wear.
- Haircut like a LION. I mean he must have lot's of hair and use his own soap to make his hair look like a LION.

What do you think about it?  Lots of envy? He would become a sex symbol? He could beat guys like; Brad Pitt, Jonny Deep, Keanu Reeves, Taylor Lauther,etc? He could become famous as Michael Jackson? Would he get killed? Mind blowing? Magnificent?

The End

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