The driver walks over and takes the chips

"Your lucky I'm a calm man, and a rich man, and a modest man" he laughed.

"You've left quite a dent in my car, but I can see that I've left quite a dent in your face, so I think we'll call it even".

"Aren't you going to shout at me, or ask me for money, or phone me an ambulance?" she asked "Aren't you going to do anything?"

The driver picked a chip out of the bag, he looked at the chip with disgust.

"-Oh it's not blood dear, there spicy chili flavor, there meant to be red" the old women laughed.

"Do you see that purple bird up there? " she asked.

"A purple bird? Nonsense! Your seeing things, it must be the extreme blood loss-you've made quite a mess . You should really get yourself to a hospital or something" the man told her.

"Your looking in the wrong place," the women told him. By this time a crowd had gathered, and they to were trying to spot the allusive purple bird.

"I see it!" somebody shouted. The crowd sighed, disappointed that they hadn't spotted the bird first.

"Shouldn't we get this lady to a hospital" asked an elderly man who was swiftly ejected from the crowd and sent on his way.

The driver still hadn't seen the bird and so decided to climb upon his car for a better view.

"I see it! Oh wait no that's a squirrel..."


The End

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