The Question.

The question they have asked you varies on your memory. For some people, this event was an admission of faith: "Do you believe in God?"

For others, it could be something completely different. Perhaps more related to love and sex, or perhaps whether or not you believe that the holocaust happened.

You see, it varies, according to each person, and their culture, and their surroundings.

If you go to some schools, it would be a dreadful thing to admit your faith. People would tease you for Christianity, "Bible basher!", condemn you for Sikhism, hate you for following Islam. People are cruel.

Children especially.

In some places, it would be terrible to say that you thought you should never sleep with anyone, except somebody you truly loved. Because that's just not the done thing.

And that's what you have to remember.

Culture plays an important part in social death.

The End

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