Disgrace, abomination, animal; these are the names I have been given since my birth. The only one of my kind, but not unique. I find that living with either side is hard, not only on me but on my other siblings, whether they be wolf or bat. It is too hard.

My mother is the Queen of the damned souls of Alcomy, a village to the north, and my father is the leader of the four western packs.

My parents new each other before my time; they had been children at the time of their meeting, but that made their love some what stronger. My parents never intended to become the leaders, but at their birth they were thrown into a plan the had been desided for them, by the charts.

I on the other hand, was a product of their love, no one was to know that a vampire and a werewolf were friends it is inexcusable, so I was hidden from sight. My parents had one alliegiant from each side not yet turned, train and raise me from my conseption.

Now at eighteen I am finally going to get some answers, why would they doom me to a life of solitude, why would they let meet people be my example?

I find my self asking questions in my head, wondering if I should go in there as a calm and collected hybrid, or if I should address them individually in a dark secluded place. In the end I figure what the hell, they will probably lie to me any way, so why not do it with a bang.

I walk into the covenants hold around noon and find that they are all asleep which I find humerous, because they are weakened by the light and I my self love the feel of it on my skin. I find my mother by the smell of her perfume. She had only visited me twice as a child, but I never forgot her smell, like honey dew melon, with a sprits of musk. She is very much like a china doll, but if you see her teeth you would know that she is any thing but. I take her casket and all, with the help of a black van I am off to visit my father, in the heart of pack country.

When I arrive out side my fathers house there is a distinct aroma that hit me like a ton of bricks, the pack was here and they could feel me. My father was the first at the door, and when he saw what I had brought with me (my mother) he ordered everyone to leave, and ushered me into his strong hold.

"what are you doing here Neshna?" he asked. I smirked to myself and said, "I want answers and since you won't volunteer then I am going to do it by force." "Neshna, I never wanted you to feel that we didn't care, but you have to know that bringing her here is not going to end well for any of us," he said. I just find myself getting mad but in the end I deside that if he wants to be like that I will play his game. I grab my mother's coffin and grab him I will get my answers even if I have to Kill them.

The End

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