A new skinMature

Lydia expected they'd go to one of the bedrooms and chat for a bit, maybe watch some television. She was looking forward to it. At home she only got to watch a video from time to time if her mother was out. The rest of the day, her parents held the remote control.

Instead, Aiden and Amelia headed to the bathroom. Lydia followed, wondering what on earth they would be doing. She didn't want to be assaulted in the toilets, and a part of her still suspected this was a possibility.

'You should try wearing something more outlandish,' Amelia said, getting straight to the point. 'I've got some clothes for you to wear.'

'What?' Lydia asked. She definitely had not been expecting this.

'If you sit there in a jumper and jeans,' Aiden said to her, 'you will look and feel like a piece of furniture.'


'You don't have to show your mother or your father. We just want you to try it. It might make you... happy.' Amelia was unzipping her top.


'Just trust us,' Aiden said, holding her by the shouldrs. Lydia tried to wriggle free. She didn't know what was going on. All she knew was that two strangers were trying to make her dress like a goth. This had to be some sort of cruel joke.

Aiden let go of her shoulders and turned. Amelia stood in a small black vest. Aiden watched her as she shrugged out of the top and flung it on the floor.  Amelia then wriggled out of her skirt and it dropped to the floor. Lydia suddenly felt more uncomfortable than before. At least the girl still had leggings on.

Aiden removed his fingerless gloves and also threw them on the floor. Then they both looked expectantly at Lydia.

Nothing happened for ten seconds.

'Put them on,' Aiden smiled.

'Er... can you guys leave then please?'

They shrugged and left, shutting the door behind them. Lydia glanced at the clothes on the floor. She didn't know how Amelia had managed to get unchanged with her cousin in the room like that. It wasn't as if she was removing everything, but still. It was ore than she could manage.

Lydia climbed out of her own clothes and put the new ones on. They were still warm. The only mirror in the room was hanging on the wall, so she climbed onto the edge of the bath to get a look at herself. She didn't look too bad. But she thanked God her mother couldn't see her now.


The End

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