Rumors spread like a disease.  The more they infect the faster they multiply.  The whole world is covered in them.  The truth is buried beneath the lies.  They are more familiar than the truth.  The multitude that feed on the rumors thrives and the few that rely on the truth are withering away in the heat.  The sun is baking everything too arrogant to stay in the shade.  Water evaporates instantly from the unbearable heat wave.  Drought sweeps the earth and turns life to death.  Sweat drips down my face and the salt stings my eyes.  My own body is setting me up for defeat.  I dream of rain pouring down on me.  It feels so cool on my skin as it beads then drips off my body to the ground.  I am finally clean again but it’s only a temporary salvation.  The clouds leave as quickly as they arrived; never to be seen again.  Every time they’re different, they’re never the same ones.  Like so many things in my life; they come then suddenly vanish into the dark.  Nothing is constant in this world.  Shifting and rearranging, this place we inhabit is changing faster than we know.

     The fissures run deep and wide separating us from all that we know and are comfortable with.  Everything is being ripped away from me.  I feel so helpless against an onslaught so cruel.  I see what I love forsake me.  I turn to gaze upon a view of death at its finest.  Gloomy trees stalk over me as I stand in terror.  My journey ahead is as pointless as my past.  A chasm blocks my retreat from a ghastly world.  How am I supposed to continue my quest when the only reward will be failure?  If my future looks so desolate, how can I overcome?  I’m alone is the masses.  I need help but no one will listen.  Why won’t they listen?  They turn blind eyes and I scream to deaf ears.  I am invisible to everyone but still I suffer.  I’ve endured more than they know.  I’ve have outlasted and I’ve crumbled, I want to stand but I need crutches.

          Will I have the strength to carry on?  Will I bow to the world?  I will be chained by my flesh.  Waking from a dream, I feel the pain.  I think I saw your hands.  I almost reached out to your receiving arms.  With the sun comes the fear, lighting all things unseen, and dragging me away from You.

The End

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