This is story of how I was pulled out of depression by the arms of a girl I love. It doesn't tell what happened in plain words so you'll have to read VERY closely. It's more from an emotional point of view than anything.

If you're confused, you can message me and I can explain the story if you want.

     I live in a world of hate.  I live in a world of destruction, where people thrive on others misfortune.  I live in a world perverted by envy.  Dark clouds roll in as the thunder booms and lightning flashes.  Rain falls but not as cool and replenishing as one might think.  It falls as acid rain.  The air sizzles as it falls, burning everything that dares to come in contact.  Buildings that are already crumbling are razed by this sudden turn of events.  Windows shattered, paint peeling, chipped tiles and bricks, oh the carnage that has passed.  If the rain can betray, what’s next to come?  Something as steady and certain as the rain has flipped its switch from friend to foe.  What makes you think I won’t do the same?

     “I know you better than anyone.  You aren’t capable of destruction.”  You are so confident in your words.  You don’t know me.  I am more than you know.  Dig deeper if you really want to know.  Trust me, you don’t.

    Every morning I put on a mask, concealing everything that I am.  Tonight I walk as I am.  Clad in black, I walk as a hooded figure in the night.  I take on the persona of a reaper.  You misjudge me as harmless and peaceful.  You will see I’m everything but innocent.  I am not what you think.  Everything is a lie.  I am a lie.  I play the good and the bad.  You may say I am compulsive.  I would say I can’t stop myself from lying.  I’m an angel to those too blind to see the truth, a protector of purity.  How could you be so blind? Ignorance is no excuse for the traps that I left in the wake of warning.  So this is your warning, looks ARE deceiving.

The End

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