A story came to me a while ago about a theft who could become other people just by taking their picture. This story is how it turned out. Also, fun fact: the only time I can write for this story is when I'm listening to Rise Against.

"Get back here kid!" I could hear behind me. God with all the time I've broke into that store you'd think the owner would get the point. Apparently not. I ran into the forest, as I did I heard sirens right behind me. I look back for just a second to see three cops and a dog coming after me. I did what anyone else in this situation would do. 

I ran faster.

As I was approaching a hill I got my phone out and flipped it open. In a bit of a panic I hit the camera button, before it finished loading I booked it up the hill. It was a steep hill so climbing it fast wasn't exactly a good idea. However, the cops were fat, and the dog was on a leash, so I had nothing to lose. 

About a third of the way up the hill it turned into a forest again, meaning I had to deal with not only steepness, but branches too. So I just thought "screw it" and made a right turn, then back down the hill. As soon as I touched the bottom I held my phone at the officers. It took a few seconds to get a good enough shot, but once I saw all three officers AND the dog in the screen, I snapped it. When I'd gotten my phone back into my pocket, one of the cops's hand was right in front of me, so I ran the other way back through the forest.  A cop began to laugh.

"We have him now! He's going right towards the police car, where our driver still is! He'll be caught within seconds, let's get him boys!" The cops ran towards the car, as they did, one let go of the dog leash. The dog ran to the end of the trail and stopped. The cops knew they got me, and slowed down. As the approached the opening, they were already celebrating.

"Finally! That little punk has been bothering us for friggin ever!"

"YES! I can't WAIT to send this brat to jail!"

"Yeah! By the way, where is he?" The other two cops's jaws dropped. The driver was still in the police car, the dog was still at the start of the trail, and all around, I was no where to be seen.

The driver got out. " Where is he?"

"That's what we wanted to ask you! Damn it! He must've slipped by you, quick boys, get in the car!" The officers all got in, the dog was grabbed and brought towards the car, but kept pulling towards a spot of dirt that he had been sniffing.  "Come on boy, you went before we left, now wait until we get back." He kept trying to pull the dog, but it was too strong, so another officer got out and the carried the dog back into the car. Then they shut the door and rode away.

I pushed up the hatch. I took a good look to make sure no one was watching me get out. The dog almost found me, I really need to tighten the door better. Ah well, doesn't matter, I have another three men and a dog to add to my library when I get back to the lab. I got out a small device I called my switch. I spun the dial, typed in "15 minutes", pointed it at me, and pressed the button. A beam of light hit my face and in seconds I became a tall, African businessman. I then climbed out of the hatch and was on my way home.

My name is Daniel Tenid, and I am the world's greatest thief. With  more than 500 robberies, 300 identity thefts, and 5 cases of impersonating an officer, I am the most prolific robber in the world, that hasn't been caught once.

The End

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