Less Style

"So.... What the hell is happening?" Aditi asks as they run through the cracked streets.

"If I told you this is a stupid dream would you believe me?" Iliana says looking back.

"Hell no" Aditi says. Iliana smiles. I'm getting to like this girl.

"You're in the Emperors realm" Iliana says continueing to run ahead. "This place we're in right now is.... well lets say a massive computer but every thing is on paper and no one write it"

"So it... writes itself?"  Aditi says obviously confused.

"Yes but..... lets just say you get caught here and trust me you dont want to" Iliana says then taking a deep breath she adds. "The Emperor is what you would called a jerk and he brings in powerful people to play with like puppets"

"But I don't get why he wants me!" Aditi says.

"I don't why he wants me either" Iliana says. "Hurry... we need to get out of here and find a place to sleep..... also you might need somewhere quiet to practice so you can survive"

The End

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