Mikaila: Stick together!Mature

Everyone was running around. I told them what to do, and like usual, they didn't argue. I am good at making plans and thinking things out. I went up stairs to my room to think some more before it was time to meet again.

My room is like me, clam and soothing, but full to the brim with items. along one wall is several bookshelves, basically a library. I have a laptop on my desk, next to my homework that was finished with in two hours of being home. Like always.

My bed has four posts that hold up a blue silk canopy. The deep blue ripples from the breeze of the fan. I unplug my computer and carry it to my bed. I open iTunes, and start some music. Then I start researching pregnancy signs, and how long it takes to express them selves.

The End

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