Mikaila: Ohhhh.....Mature

After Skarlit had her episode, I sent her to her rooms. then we had a meeting while she took a nap. It went something like this:

M: I think she is.
N: Who is what?
M: Skarlit is pregnant. She threw up after craving toast.
K: She was fine just a second ago. We sent off Ross.
M: Well, she is definitely pregnant, but hat raises the obvious question.
T: Who is the daddy?
A: if she is just showing signs, it must have been one her last, oh,I'd say, five boyfriend.
K: I just hope it isn't Ross. He isn't coming back....
M: I have a plan. I sent hr to take a nap. Nakita, can you go up in about an hour to check on her?
N: Sure.
M: Tamika,I need you to go to a drugstore and pick up a tester. Alecksis, call the doctor and make an appointment fr tomorrow.
T: Kay, I'm out.
A: what time?
M: before lunch, after nine. Kourtni, you need to see if you ca find out were her last five boyfriends live.

Everyone did there stuff and then, we met back up in Skarlit's room, cause it was sound proofed for, umm, obvious reasons. we dint want hear that. Anyway, no one could hear us.

The End

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