Skarlit: Boys, Bathing and Betrayal.Mature

After what Kourtni did to Ross I nearly pissed myself laughing, it was HILARIOUS! 'Cause thats how it goes, I get a boy; seduce him, dump him, he comes back Kourtni kicks his ass. 

The little old lady from over the road was staring at Kourtni, tutting.

I raised my eye-brows and hitched up my skirt, " hey, lady! Want some of this?"I said licking and pursing my lips. She went back inside pronto and we all started laughing again.

"I want toast!"I said suddenly, "I really want toast!"

I really, really did! I've never wanted toast so bad in my entire life!

I dashed back inside and ordered the cooks to make me the best toast I'll ever have in a lifetime.

And they did. It was evenly cooked on each side, with the jam just the right thickness and not spilling over the sides.

I gobbled it down quickly, then started to dry heave.

I ran into the downstairs loo and was violently sick. Suddenly I was hungry again. Then it hit me, like a fucking bullet in my head.

Mikaila dashed in and patted me on the back saying soothing words.

"Mikaila?" I asked my sister.

"Yeah, honey?"

"I think I'm pregnant."


The End

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