Kourtni: My Heart Goes...Mature

Skarlit caught Steven looking at me at band practice. I smiled, blushing. She tutted, and smiled back at me. I glanced back at Steven, as he was talkin on his phone to someone. I sighed. He hung up, and began to text.

Skarlit's annoying ringtone went off, as she read a text. She glanced up, and gave a little nod, before leaveing. I frowned. Steven was bright red. I gulped. He was texting again.

He hesitated before sending it. I watched as he slammed the button, and closed the phone quickly.

My own phone buzzed. I opened it. I looked surprised at the text.

Heyy Kourtni, du u want 2 go out this evening with me 2 dinner??? I reli like yuu, have 4 a long time now. Plz txt back xxxxxxxxxx

I looked up, and he was sweating and blushing. I felt blood run to my cheeks. I tapped the buttons.

I would <3 2, Steve. I lyke u 2. x

He grinned at his phone, punchin keys again.

Ill pick u up at 7, k?

were u takin me xx

Hehe ull have 2 wait n see

I giggled at his myseriousness, and got on with practice. The other three left, and Steven and I were left alone. Steven got up, and walked towards me. He took me, and rested my ear to his chest. I heart his frantic heart.

"My heart goes like this, every time I'm near you. I can't help it. I-" I cut him off, putting both hands over his lips. I put them on his cheeks, and stood on my tiptoes, going to kiss him. Our lips brushed, and the door burst open. We flew away from eachother, an Skarlit yelled, "How you doing, you two?! Heeeelp, stalker still outside..."

"I'll get ride of him. Excuse me Steve." I smiled. I pulled on the long wig that fell to my bum, and walked outside. Steve and Skarlit watched from the window. Ross ran up to me, and grabbed my shoulders.

"Skarlit, I-UFF!" I had punched him in the stomach. I'm not only musical, but I some judo lessons.

"When did you learn to do tha-OW SHIT!" I kneed him in the sensitive parts. I yanked off the wig.

"Now, LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE, OR YOU'LL HAVE ME TO DEAL WITH!!! I might not go so easy next time..." I growled, as he stumbled away. I grinned.

"SORTED!" I yelled, seeing Skarlit laughing. This was routine for us. She gets a guy, sexs him, ditches him, he tried to come back, i kick his ass, he go bai bai. We're not perfect, but, we're awesome. Steven was stood, clutching his sides, lauhing beside her. I gazed up at him, and smiled.

The End

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