Skarlit: That annoying Ringing NoiseMature

Ever had that REALLY annoying ringing noise inside your head? Well, my problem is exactly the same, excpet it's coming from my phone!

I picked up my phone for the fourth time today.

"Hello?"I said in a annoyed voice.

"Hey, it's Ross--"He began, but I cut him off.

"Ross, it's over, keep the fuck away from me and stop ringing my fucking phone you twat!"I hissed and flipped it shut.

God! What was his problem? It was only sex! Am I like, irrisistable or something?

I kept on muttering to myself as I walked home. I got a few beeps from random passers-by.

Once I finally got to the mansion, guess who was sitting on the wall, waiting for me? Oh yes, it was only Ross!

"Skarlit, we need to talk!"He insisted.

"Get the fuck off my lawn or I will call the cops!"I shouted with such force he scurried  onto the path.

"Skarlit, after Monday night, I kniw we belong together!"He smiled warly, but I just bared my perfect, white teeth at him and flipped my blonde hair over my shoulder.

"Ross, if you don't leave me alone right now, I swear I will get you arrested for sexual harassment!"I snarled and with that I stormed inside, slamming the door for good measure.

"Whats up?"Asked Tamika boredly as she slowly walked down the stairs.

"Ross Mullan is whats up! He wont freakin' leave me alone!"I moaned.

"I think he looooves you!"Sang Tamika.

"Don't even get me started."I said warningly, shaking my head.

"I bet it was quite easy to have sex with him, mainly because you don't really wear much so you could get into the...for use of a better word, jig of it!"She joked.

I jumped on her and we toppled to the floor, laughing.

"God, Tamika! Your SUCH a pain!"I giggled as I got up and brushed the dust off myself.

"Whats going on here?"Said mom coldly, her arms were full with shopping and she was just in the doorway.

"Nothing. Whats for dinner?"Asked Tamika sweetly.

"Meatloaf and leftovers."Said mom sharply.

"Okay, my que to go."I said, trying to exit sharpish.

"Not so fast young lady! You haven't been home for two days! Where were you?"She scolded.

"At my friends."I answered. Keeping it simple.

"Oh, that boys house?"

"What boys house?"

"The boy-on-the-front-lawn-who-is-begging-to-see-you's house."

"Him? Oh god no! He's a stalker!"I laughed, but it was off, but I don't think she noticed.

"Yeah, well, I don't want it to happen again!"She snapped and stalked into the huge kitchen.

I made a 'prrrft-ing' noise with my lips and sauntered into the music room to hear some great music blasting out of the speakers.

Kourtni smiled widely when she saw me.

"Hey, Kourtni, great music!"I grinned.

"As always!"She remarked.

I looked at Steven who was gazing longingly at Kourtni, he caught my eye and blushed, so I snorted.

"What?"Asked Kourtni.

"Oh just some gazing and window shopping."I said mysteriously, giving Steven a pointed look.

"Oh, well, never mind! We've got some desperate practising to attend to so, if you wouldn't mind!"Fluttered Kourtni, she obviously knew what I was on about, it's a sister thing.

Ah, no. There it is again! That annoying ringing noise buzzing out of my pocket...




The End

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