Kourtni: A Little LaughMature

I sat in our little music room at the top of our house. I pressed gently onto the piano. It's one of the two instruments I play. The piano and the guitar. I sing for my band, but never play intruments. I sighed, thinking of Steven. He's this guy in our form; he's always really sweet to us all. He's the only boy in our band, but he helps out the most. He has ruffled black hair that sticks out everywhere, really dark, cloudy blue eyes, and these cute little dimples when he smiles. Everyone says that he likes me. Everyone says I like him. Both sides are true, but we're both too embarressed to tell eachother personnally. I heard my sister downstairs. She yelled my name, then one of our other sextruplets that I didn't hear. I ran out, and looked over the banister. I saw her eyes brewing up a storm. I jogged down the stairs, mssing a few. She ran to me, and into my open arms. "Aww baby girl! What's wrong?" "D-Danny..." she sobbed, explaining to me what had happened. I swayed her around. I led her upstairs to the music room, an we sat down again. I played a short piece of piano for her, and she smiled sadly. "Sweetie, listen, if you cry over someone, who wouldn't cry over you, or whatever those macho boys do, then, you just got to ask 'em straight." "You can talk! You and Steven???" "Aww, shut up you! He'd never go out with me, and I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship." "You wouldn't. You guys are perfect for eachother." "Hey, listen, if you help me with Tall, Pale and Handsome, I'll help you with Captain Oblivious Bonehead." I smiled. We began to laugh together, forgetting about our boy troubles. A little laugh cures alot of stuff. Especially with our sextuplets.
The End

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