Nakita - DannyMature

bounce... thump

bounce... thump

I love throwing and catching this old tennis ball against the outside wall. The regular rhythm helps me to think. It always comes to me, like a magnet. I have this thing for sport. I can just do it. My body just... knows what to do. Most people's bodies know what to do - it's instinct. The trick is trusting yourself.

Kourtni's band is still practicing. Mikaila and I listened to them for ages. They're playing one of Alecksis's new songs. Something about... I can't remember. Something good, anyway.

My mobile rings. It's lying on the floor by the wall, buzzing. With a sigh, I place the ball beside it and pick it up. The words on the screen read Danny.

My heart thumps. Stop it. You're just being stupid. He's probably just calling about...

I press the answer button.

    'Hello?' I say. My voice catches. I sound like such an idiot!

    'Hey, Nakita! I was just calling about the homework Mr Sweiss set us in English. You know - about character development?'

I swallow hard. Of course. Our joint English homework. How could I forget?

    'Um, yeah. It's due in for Thursday, right?'

    'That's the one. Well, I just thought, seeing as we're supposed to be doing it together, we might want to... I dunno, meet up?'

My heart is going into overdrive. 'Yeah. I mean, yeah, we probably should.'

    'That's great. I was thinking, maybe I could come round to you, and then we could get your sister Alecksis to help us - I mean, she's great at writing and everything, isn't she?'

I think my heart's stopped beating. Or at least, it's very quiet and subdued. I swallow. Hard. 'Um... I mean, uh huh. Yep. Could you do now?'

    'Sure. I've got to be back home by nine, but apart from that, I'm all cool.'

    'Great. I mean, yeah. Fab. See you in a minute, then!'

    'Yeah. See ya!'

The phone cuts out. I grab the ball and throw it at the wall. Hard. It bounces back, but I don't even bother to catch it. Of course Danny didn't want to speak to me. I can't write to save my life. I can't do anything to save my life. I'm not talented like my sisters. The only thing I can do is be me.

I can feel tears in my eyes, and some subconscious part of me is saying that I don't want to look bad when Danny arrives in a minute, but I really don't care. The tears overspill and I run inside. I need my sisters. I need them now.

    'Kourtni! Mikaila!' I wonder if Alecksis is home yet. I hope she isn't, because I think I would probably say something quite nasty to her right now, and so far I've got a clean record. I don't want to start being horrid now.

Where are they?

The End

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