Mikaila- CaughtMature

"How's things?"

I startle when I hear Nakita's voice, pulling me from my book. I smile up at her. Everyone expects her to be mean, but she never is. Well, sometimes to people that deserve it, like bullies, but never to us, her sisters.

"Nothing. Doing homework, reading a book. Where have you been?"

She gives me the look that says she saw my unfinished homework on the table. I give her my innocent smile and she laughs.

"It looks like your book is getting more attention than your homework."

We both laugh and then she comes over to sit next to me. She picks up my book and looks at the cover.

"Uglies. what is that about? A bunch of ugly teenager wish they were as gorgeous as us? Well, I can't blame them. We are FAB-YOU-LUS!"

" No, it is about a society that went out of control with their power and brain washed every child to think that they are ugly. Then when they turn sixteen, they get a big operation that makes them all look like each other. They get big eyes, and big foreheads. They get stretched to the right height and everything is made to be perfect. Except of course it isn't."

Nakita nods and makes noises like she understands. I know she doesn't. But I love her anyway.

"Why don't you go get some popcorn, and I will meet you at the music room, kay?"

"Sure. Better than sitting here reading like a nerd."

It would be an insult from anyone else, but not from her.

The End

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