Nakita - Coming HomeMature

I push open the front door, humming the song Kourtni and her band are playing in the music room. It's a really good song - all of theirs are. I've been trying to persuade her to get an agent and go public for ages.

All of my sisters are incredibly talented. Maybe it's something that comes from being sextruplets, I don't know.

I find Mikaila in the library, her nose buried in a book, as usual. Her homework is abandoned at a table, half finished. One up on me.

I really don't get reading books. You know? I mean, why read about doing something when you actually can do it? I think it's bonkers, but I wouldn't say this out loud. Not ever. It would hurt my sisters too much. And I never hurt my sisters. Not ever. You'd understand if you were us. You hurt your sister, you hurt yourself. That's just how it goes with us.

I grin at Mikaila. 'How's things?'

The End

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