Mikaila: Home LifeMature

I walk through the door to my house and nod at the maid cleaning the floors. she smiles at me and nods back before heading to the kitchen.

I walk through Arches and past busts of my mothers family. I head to the library to do my homework. It is my favorite room in the whole wide world. As the heavy wood door opens, I can see the light filtering through the windows.

I skip over to a shelf of books, marked with an "M". This is my shelf. The librarian puts aside books she thinks I would like. I reach up and grab the newest book I see. It is called Uglies. I sit in a window seat and finish my homework, using the new book as an incentive.


When I emerge from the library, it is time for Kourtni's band to start practice. I almost always show up to tell them what I think of the arrangement. They are amazingly talented.

In fact, All of my sisters should be on their way home.

The End

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