This is a guide/brainstorming workbook for a story that I cant get to just yet. Its set to be a solo story but may change it to a collaborative work (the actual story).

Sage Rosewood has been many things; a thief, an air pirate, a fighter and an Empress...

Following the wake of a ruthless war that killed her betrothed and obliterated her entire empire; she flees far away from any of the reminders of her past life. Shortly after she is confronted by a gang of bandits who force her into a life of crime and bend her will so much that she can no longer tell right from wrong or good from evil.

Her power grows strong and unnatural. The distraction of the crime makes her feel alive again. Her rise to power may cause her to fall from new heights. Challenges arise and she is forced to chose between two sides; Good a side she is all too familiar with that has failed her many times or Evil; a surprisingly tempting alternative.

The End

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