Something that jumped in my mind quite suddenly while making Blizzards on a really boring Sunday shift at work. Enjoy. Hope to at least get somewhere with this story. Yeesh. Things are a lot different of course. I didn't totally base it off my life experience, but a lot of peoples, into one. Woo.


Sometimes I wish I didn't know things.

That statement will be furthered explained somewhere down the line, but right now I have this urge to first bring you up to pace to the present – where I currently sat, my boss first being very serious, then unleashing a fury that contained a lot of salvia flying from his mouth everytime his rolly lips parted angirly. I was concerned for my life, as I'm sure my fellow coworkers who were all soundlessly settled outside of the closed office door were, as his viciously maddening voice echoed all through the walls of the back of the building where I worked. The unwelcomed, though undiscovered company (yet I knew they were there) made me fluster in embarassment.

I deserved his angery words, every single last stinging syllabel that left his tongue. I had previously sprayed santizier in a costumers eye as I was going about the place, cleaning tables, and picking up garbage. I was clearly not paying any attention as I turned the corner, where my hand so inconveintantly twtiched, causing my fingers to tighten around the spray nozzle, which unleashed a pinkish trail of liquid to land painfully in an older ladies eye. I froze in my tracks as the older lady, shocked at first, soon began to realize what was now burning painfully in her iris; her mouth gwaked open at first and just as a horrified yelp left her throat my mind flew into a frenzy and I started belting off apologies. Or attempted. Nothing either of us were saying was quite coherent, and the man beside her, which I assumed was her husband, soon got up and joined in on the flow of intangible words. Pretty soon I was flustered with attempts to explain myself, and the entire restaurant (I work at McDonalds, by the way) were turned to face us, and a few of my coworkers, alerted, came busling out, throwing up thier arms in protest to the noise. To make the long story short, the lady left in a fit, throwing her unfinished food to the floor, and a few hours later returned with a swollen eye that was painfully red, demanding to talk to my manager. She did, and I could only stand aimlessly by, knowing where this was all headed. It led me to this point exactly, in the office, with my boss, and he yelling at me – it was envitable that I was going to be jobless by the end of the day.

Okay, so, you can kind of get a picture of how I might be stressing, but there's more, of course. There's always is. Why would I be writing about it if there wasn't? There's a few things I like to do, a few precautious steps I like to take when I know my life is about to hit a metaphorical tree trunk, while it's going eighty kilometers an hour, and the first thing I'd do is, pray. Prayers a pretty powerful tool, or so it is for me. I use it often, and it's yeilds amazing results. God's an awesome Provider of many things, but with that being said, Him and I have had a strained relationship lately (totally only on my side though), so He hasn't always come into mind immedaitely when I need some help, some guidance.

She has though. I think about her often. I've thought about her often for the past five years of my life. Since I was fourteen, and I decided to go to the fair with my sister, and ride on that ride that involved my sitting in a seat, buckled in, flying around much to fast for my good, and resulting in my stumbling off the ride after it was done, stricken with green nausea. I bumped into her on my way to a trash can, when I let my miserable stomach empty it's contents. Vomiting. There's no other bodily function that I hate more. She knew me, well, she knew of me, through my sister. So as the concerned, big hearted person she is, she came to my side, awkward and heistant at first, but her face softened as I striaghted up, wiping my mouth with my sleeve. I alway got really upset and embarassed whenever I vomited. Even when no one was around. I just cried whenever I was done the disgusting deed. So, now as I turned to see her pallid face, the tears rushing hotly to my eyes, I paniced. Now, I was going to cry in front of a lady I've never been properly introduced to before. Oh boy, I could tell this was going to be an awesome first impression.

Her smile was awkward and crooked at first, but her eyes gave her true intentions away and I could tell that she was actually, mostly, concerned for my physical health. She really didn't know how to reply to my condition, so I just waved her off and mumbled, “I'm fine.” I tried to give her a convincing smile, but it wasn't working, so I just took off in a random direction, hoping to hit a bathroom sometime soon or something. I had kept walking, forgetting slowly about the possibly worse first impression I had ever gone through, and then I hit the bathrooms, and I cleaned myself up. I was glum, as I walked out, hands in my pockets, looking for my older sister. I had found her, told her some lame excuse and then left to go home. I won't tell you where I live, casue it's really not vital to the story, and I also want to leave that up to your imagination. I knew where I was going.

There are people I love, then there are people that I love. She was one of those aforemented people. I bumped into her again, this time not struck with nauseation. I was in full health, and she seemed to have noticed that when we first spoke. I smiled, embarassed that she had remembered, but she laughed it off, and we moved into more perfered conversation.


She had a thing for them, and as she spoke, she kind of became a bit more clear in my eyes. When we had first met, I couldn't tell who she was, what she liked, or anything of the sorts (I think maybe that could do to the fact that I had vomit churning in my stomach, beating me to get out, and that tends to be a little distracting). The more she spoke, it was like wind pushing fog away, clearing the horizon, and I could see her much better, not that I needed glasses, but people seem to unravel when they speak, or most of the time just stand there, being themselves, and I have time to watch them (without them watching me back of course. That's just awkward, though it's awkward for me to watch them period, so, whatever.)

She spoke of these unicorns, which were fairy tale materail, and as she continued to talk, she moved into more fairy tale things, such as fairies, centurs, and green mystical lands such as Ireland that always fascinated her. I noticed then, to, that she seemed to have belonged in a fairytale. Pallid complexion much like an elf, with dark contrasting hair, and blue bright, wide eyes that reminded me of a water nymph, strangely enough. She was small, and slender. Quite the opposite of me. I was.. well, I was not to small and slender. Physically opposing, but soon enough she attracted me, and then the rest was history, as they say.

So, with all that out of the way, my mind dirfted back to the present, where my boss's voice came in slowly at first, and then deafeningly booming, and my heart jumped, skipping a few beats. I wanted to go back to thinking about her, but then my heartstrings constricted painfully, reminding me of why I shouldn't have brought her up in the first place. We had broken up, and like the sore loser I was, I wasn't getting over her or it anytime soon. Yes, sadly, I am one of those people that hold on to your first love and never let them go, until someone aproaches you, fed up, and delievers a stinging slap across the face.

“Now, hang up your uniform, and don't bother coming back tomorrow, or the next.” he finished off harshly, swinging the office door open, startling the stilled coworkers, who all hopped back into working mode, taking off to the front as fast as flies.

I got up, not really feeling anything, and removed my nametag, tossed it to the table, and made my way to the back door. I pulled off the tacky red polo shirt, with the golden arched logo on it, and tossed it in a box. Pulled on a green hoody and placed my sling bag over my slumped shoulders. I pushed open the door, the buzzing going off, indicating the back door was opened, and I left, the buzzing ending abruptly. Pulled my mp3 player out, shoved the earphones into the only place where earphones should go, and started on my trek home.

The End

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