My Fool-Proof Plan ... NOT!

Gordon Journal Entry 55

I informed you in my last entry that words weren't going to be my way to get to Emma's heart. Well, I still think that is true, but I thought I would try one other way to talk to her before moving on to other ideas.

But, in order to talk to her, I needed her phone number. Since I couldn't just go up to her and ask her, I needed an alternate way of obtaining the needed information. Surely, I would be able to find someone who would give up the goods.

So, I placed a note asking for someone to give me Emma's number. I know. Who would just give me the number? Well, I thought my plan for fool-proof because I offered a reward, a little token of my appreciation in the form of a five dollar bill.

Well, no one has taken me up on my offer. So, it is on to plan B. I will pass a note to Emma tomorrow at school. Now, I just have to figure out what to write.

The End

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