On the Bus

Monday. Worst day ever.

Emma was irritated and tired as she got on the bus home. Then she groaned. Today the bus was crowded.

She trudged down the aisle, ready to sit in any seat available. Ah. There's one.

She plopped down and then realized who she was sitting with. That creeper George Gordon. It reminded her of the other night, when she was with Claudia. She thought she heard a crackling in the tree through the open window and when she looked out, she thought she saw a glimpse of him. She later scoffed and reassured herself it was just her eyes playing tricks on her. She was tired, anyway.

Though, she couldn't shake that feeling that she wanted to get as far away from George as possible.

"Hi," George mouthed the word and little came out.

"Hi," Emma politely replied.

As the bus started up, she saw a glimpse of a smile as he turned to face the window.

The End

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