A First Encounter

Gordon Journal Entry 52

As I have described in the first 51 entries, I've been noticing this girl named Emma. Up to this point, I have been too nervous to make any kind of contact with her. Sure I was observing her, but I never got closer than ten feet. Our lockers aren't close to one another, so I never had that excuse to be near her.

We had an encounter today, though. I helped her with her books. I made sure that I didn't look too long at her books, but I didn't have that concern with her. She is so beautiful. I love everything about her. One day I will tell her that ... but not anytime soon.

I didn't say anything to her today. Maybe I will have the nerve the next time. Or, maybe I will continue to bump into her. Only time will tell. I wonder if she thinks about me like I think about her.


The End

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