I'd Love You to Death

A crazed admirer takes his stalking game too far...

From the diary of Emma Capland


Dear Diary,

Okay, so today when I was walking down to hallway to 5th period math some jerk slammed into me and my books flew all over. Okay, So not only was embarassing it embarrassing but when I tried to pick my stuff up people paid no attention and stepped all over it and nearly knocked me on the floor. Then George Gordon stopped to help. You know, George is that quiet one that used to hang out with the guy that got expelled for getting caught with cocaine in his locker. So of course I didn't totally trust him with my books.

I watched him as I picked up my bit. He didn't look through my notebooks or anything. But when he stood up with me and handed my stuff to me, he looked at me with the kinda look that a cat does to a fish serial killer gives to everyone. Like he was measuring me up. Seeing if I was a good... Target. Maybe I'm just imagining it. I don't know. But I promise you, I will avoid him as much as possible. You never know.

So Saturday at 5 I'm going to Claudia's. We're gonna go see a movie and then I'll sleep over. She is, like, my bestest friend ever. If you're reading this, Claudia, I love you like a sister but I'm definitely going to kill you for reading my diary!!!!


The End

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