I don't know what drove him to do it,maybe jealsouy,problems at home .Or maybe it's just love it can do crazy things to you.

I had to go to the shop for some milk yawn.I saw rory on the way just outside the old shed.  "hey, rory  what you up to?" "Ah nothin' much,so is it true do you actually go out with gregor? He asked."Who told you?!" All i wanted to do was run. "Lizzie, basically the whole village knows" that was it i couldn't stand it."I have to go to the shop,see you around." i said . I started to walk away.

I felt somthing grab my arm.I tried to turn but i couldn't.Rory was twisting my arm around."YOU CAN'T DO THAT I'M YOUR BOYFRIEND!""GOD RORY THAT WAS 4 YEARS AGO!"He was older bolder and stronger,i just didn't know what to do.I could feel him twisting my arm more,tears were swelling up in my eyes.What was that footsteps somone will see us,surely.He twisted it a bit more i screamed out in pain.

"WHAT THE ...?!""GREGOR! TELL HIM TO LET GO PLEASE!"I managed to get in."BREAK UP WITH HER ,GREGOR,1 MORE TWIST AND HER ARMS BROKEN!" rory shouted,he spoke loudley with confidence."you wouldn't break it yu'd get a bad name within the village"With that he let go.I imedietlly fell to the floor.he kicked me and left.

I slowley got up ."You okay ,lizzie?""mmm."I groaned" I think"Gregor wrapped his arms round me.I know ,but don't know what just happend really.My arms really stiff and i have a massive bruise on my leg.I'm okay though.I hate people somtimes.

The End

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