the beach

I stepped out of my house ,in yellow shorts a blue vest top with my black swimming costume underneath.I ran down the garden path round the corner and up the road untill i met the entrance to gregors house."hey,i thought you would be in you're house."  "No better if i stayed here for you lizzie."he said. Gregor was wearing his ,knee long, swimshorts and a black t-shirt.So we walked down the hill 'till we got right to the bottom.We broke into a run ,we're both evenly matched in speed even though he's a year above,"last one there's a rotton egg"i screamed.

So there we were splashing eachother in the watar.Guess what he does pushes me in,so i try and get him back but he does get it full on.Next we went up and looked in the rockpools ;there's loads of wierd things in them.We saw:anenomys,crabs,starfish and some weird miniture fish.

We climbed over the rocks when we got to the one right in the middle of the beach.Thats the best one ,the sun always falls on to it.I was laying back on the towel,with gregor next to me ,the sun drying me off.I turned to face him;and thats when it happend. His hand slipped into mine,and he kissed me right on the lips.I looked at him staring into his dark green and brown eyes.I pulled at a coil down from his curl brown hair,all it did was flick back up again,we giggled at it.

I sat up and said"should we go now?"Gregor twisted and got back up"yeah ,come on." We walked all the way up,chatting like none of it happend,like we were still just mates but we arn't just mates anymore.When we got at the park we split and went to are homes.This holiday just go better!

The End

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