up close and personal

i just came off the ferry and was reaching my grandparents house when,of course ,my next door neighbours spotted me.I gave gran my bag and went to meet them.Wow did i grow,over the winter.So the start of the easter holidays :warm,hot and sunny,i'm already playing out.We were at the park pushing each other on the swing.My neighbours are spanish it's fun messing aroundwith them,their a bit wacky you see.it's getting to sixish we've already gone in for tea.When we come out Gregor and his mate liam are playing football in the school yard.Ha ha Alexjandra's getting face on with liam climbing on the school roof and kicking th football down to gregor.She's even more angry since he's the headteachers son.

Looks like they've stopped playing ,oh and gregors coming up to say hello.Al we're doing is messing around pushing people on the swing playing tig randomness.It's 8 o clock, alexjadra and cloudia have to go.were in the "football pitch",there isn't much of one either, after doing some races.we climb over the fence into the park.I put on my jumper it's getting cold.

i sit on the swing and keep giggling at the akward silence.Suddenly gregor comes out with do you remeber when rory asked you out.I shrug i don't really want to answer.I know what he's getting at.He hands me his phone it reads you fancie me don't you.Of course strait away i go into deniel,but he knows big time.He knows like it's on my face in bold writing."i know you like me,lizzie, because you always blush when i'm near."he says i can feel myself blushing big time."Yer right gregor why would i like you?"it's like he's intergating me.Arghhh i am saying all the wrong things. Now he's taking the mick wich is his cover up of i like you too.I quickley resolve this by saying i'm gonna go home 'cos i'm cold;not the best way of tackling the situation.

The End

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