i'd do anything for love

lizzie always goes on holiday to her grandparents ,but, when she falls in love with a local boy she's determined not to let him go.will everything go lizzies way,with more drama to do with lizzie in the village does it ruin her friendship or build them closer?

This is true love for real,not like that time gregor's mate asked me out.I've known Gregor since i was seven. Okay so maybe it wasn't love at first sight but that doesn't matter.But?Why gregor i mean he's not hot, he's lanky,pale and has freckels come on; but i don't know why i like him maybe it's 'cos he doesn't see me like other boys do.Yer thats it and i like just as much back!!!It just happend ,suddenly, although right from the start i knew he liked me . I mean look where it's got me now ,anyway, i supose i should start at ,well, the start .here goes!

The End

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