I'd Die For Her

"How the hell did we get here Becky?" I whisper to her hidden behind someone's truck

She's holding my hand sweating hard as my old friend Harry walks around stalking us with his pistol.

"You know I loved her Sherman! You've known that ever since we were kids! How could you go and marry her behind my back!?" Harry yells

I tell Becky to hide here as I pull out my pocket knife. It's not going to be much good against a gun; but I don't want to be defenseless, do I?

As soon as my head pokes from behind the truck a bullet whizzes by my head and richochets off the wall.

"Come over here Sherman. You too Becky." Says Harry looking deliriously drunk

Becky slowly stands up from behind the car shaking.

"Look at the pretty couple.. Aren't they so cute together?" He says imitating a girl's high pitched voice

"Just kill me Harry. Let her go." I mutter angrily

I can't beleive I was friends with this bum. I should have known not to try and have all three go to a bar to explain our marriage.

Harry cocks the gun and places it on my forehead.

"Maybe I will Sherman. Maybe I will."

"If killing me is what it takes to save her life, then by all means Harry. Pull the trigger." I say calmly as I close my eyes

The End

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