Icy Words

She scowled, turning back away, her ears ringing with his cruel words.

“Then leave, why don’t you?” she snarled, her nose puffing out her harsh breaths.

He wanted nothing more than to stay and comfort her, but he knew what had to be done. His jeering smile swept off as his features curled into sadness. Worry filled his heart, but he knew still what had to be done. “If that’s what you want,” he said coldly, reaching for the door handle.

As his palm closed and turned around it, he heard her whisper, “I never wanted this.”  Footsteps on the creaky old wood let him know she walked away, and he thought it best to leave then. 

The cold wind bit his harsh features as flakes of snow froze to his face, sticking them there along with tears that had begun to fall freely. “Good riddance,” he muttered, kicking his feet through the knee-deep snow that continued to drop.

A laugh of delight burst through her lips, dancing a little jig; at last, she was free!

Yet, if she was so happy, why were tears rimming around her eyes, threatening to fall at any moment? 

The End

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