Icy Waves and sonic blue flowersMature

Sonic and Luchia along with her friends Hannon and Rina and her Daugther Heather find a fox. they end up in a mystirous place. did the fox do all this or did they imagine it all?

Sonic was having a nice little walk in a forsert, when he bumped right in to Luchia Her blue eyes sparkled as she gazed at Sonic and, as usual, one hand tossed back her blonde hair, the other busy playing with the shell locket as pink as rose, hanging around her dainty neck. Her friends, Hannon(blue hair) and Rina(green hair) ran to her and helped her up. A fox was hiding in a bush watching closly and trying not to make a sound.Luchia, Hannon and Rina started singing 'Legend of mermaid'. Sonic lisened to it and started singing along too.

Sonic used his special watch to cotact his brother and sister Manic and Sonia.His bro and sis's hollogram selfs began to play and sing 'someday' along with sonic.

Everyone danced as Sonic, Luchia,Hannon,Rina wandered to where they thought was onwoods. The Fox used it's magic to bring them to the wonderful world of magically talented animals (or MTA for short). They could see dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits of all kind. Even Pixie was there. "Hi" she called over to them."Welcome to the MTA  treehouse." Pixie told what MTA stands for. Then she said that  they were here to help the animals that were need here are lost, frozen out there somewhere. They're showed to theitr dorms. Girls in one girly, pink/purple room and boys in one blue room. Sonic made friends with Blackie a cat who can dissapear.

Luchia makes friends with Pixie, a yorkie with a damaged earing like torren ear, who can make ham crispy like bacon and can move things with her mind and can also heal people and animals. Then everyone goes to bed. Luchia,Hannon,Rina and Sonic try their very best to take it all in

The End

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