I could hear Luther calling my name. "Jennie! Jennifer! Come back!" he shouted at me. My mouth was watering, and I could smell human blood in the air. I was nearing a town, because there were so many different blood types, and they all were appetizing.

Something nipped at my flank, and I looked back to see Luther in his wolf form behind me, teeth shown. His big blue eyes didn't look as soft and sweet as usual. They were hard, angry.

I growled and did a 180 degree turn and swiped at him. He head butted my stomach and swiped his giant paws under my feet, knocking me over on my side.

He stood over me and growled loudly, drool dripping onto my muzzle. I whimpered and laid my ears flat against my head. A strangely colored wolf walked up behind Luther, big hazel eyes boring into mine.

His coat was a violet-red color, definitely not a normal color for a wolf pelt. And his belly was a lighter red - almost pink - color.

The violet wolf picked me up by my scruff and dragged me back towards Luther's house. He was unbelievably big and strong. But I felt very calmed by his presence. The scent of human blood still smelled very appetizing, but my urge to feed wasn't as strong as before.

Luther shifted to his human form in nearly a second. His lips shook as he parted them to speak. "I guess the silver chains weren't good enough, I guess. Jordyn, you should've stayed down there with her. You seem to have a weird effect on her. She's not squirming or trying to get out of your grip like most other wolves." He was looking straight at the violet wolf, and it just whined.

The End

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