Silver Chains Can't Hold This Tough Puppy Down

I was in the basement, wrapped up into about a thousand pounds of chains. My body was warm and tingling with pain. The bones in my body were trying to form a new structure, and my nails and canine teeth were sharpening, but the silver weakened me, and I couldn't change completely. I dug my claws into the ground, and winced at every flash of pain that came across my body.

I could feel my tail, long and fluffy, sprouting from my lower back. It twitched and moved, but I had no control of it. My body was about as hot as hell right now. Sweat dripped down my temples, forehead, chest, legs, armpits, and neck.

Shaking and quivering, I struggle to stand. My human mind was drifting off into the mind of a wolf. I growled loudly, trying to break free of the chains. I used all of the strength the silver hadn't taken away from me. Squirming and struggling underneath the chains, I fell over. One more push, and I heard a break in the chains.

A howl escaped my throat, and I shook the chains off of me. I felt all of my strength return to me, and my human mind was completely lost, and wolf instincts took over. I rush up the stairs, ignoring Luther and Jordyn watching me with astonished eyes and chasing after me, and I break through the front door, my body completely wolf.

The End

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