The Full Moon

I was rocking back and forth slowly in a chair and thinking about Carlie. I had no clue how to tell her about what I'd become.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"May I come in?" Luther was standing at the door, brows raised slightly.

I smile at him and nod, "Yeah, you can come in."

He sits down on my bed, facing slightly away from me and tracing the lines on his palms. "Jennie, I need to tell you something about being a werewolf," he swallows slowly and gnaws on the inside of his cheek, "well, you know, tomorrow night's the full moon, so, um... we're going to have to lock you in the wine cellar in the basement with silver chains, and, uh, yeah... it's to keep you from going around and killing people. Your blood lust is going to be at it's peak, and silver weakens werewolves, so it'll make it harder for you to change. Sorry to say, but this is going to have to happen every full moon for about a year..."

I blink and gaze at him. Silver? Really? I thought that was only a myth, something you only saw in movies. And a year? Really?

Goodness, how many more things would I have to put up with while being a werewolf?

The End

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