"My name's Will, by the way," the dark-eyed boy says to me.

"That's a pretty cool name, I guess. I'm Carlie."

"So, who're you looking for exactly?"

"Jennifer Anderson."

"Is that the girl who's obsessed with wolves?"

"She's not obsessed," I paused to think of a word to replace obsessed, "she's just intrigued with the way they live their life."

He looked at me and blinked, "Um, alright..."

I heard a loud huff and a grrr.

"Will? Was that you?" I say, hands suddenly shaking, and teeth chattering from the cold.

"What are you talking about?" He questions with his eyebrows raised.

I looked over and saw a large muzzle poking out from behind a tree and grabbed Will's sleeve, "Do you think maybe that explains what I am talking about?"

A large, black wolf, with a white belly and neck, trots out from behind a few trees and bushes. It had emerald-green eyes that looked... Really familiar.

My heart beat fast and I just sat and gazed at the wolf's eyes. They pretty almond shape, and the way flecks of gold surrounded the pupil gave another clue as to why those eyes looked so darn familiar. Then it hit me right then and there.


The End

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